Achievements & Firsts

We are Known for Unparalleled Success, Doing the Impossible, On Time and On Budget Over and Over Again

Examples of Our Success:

Overturning EPA Decisions: multiple times, e.g., Vertac Superfund Site

Expedited Project Permitting: multiple times, e.g., Louisiana Refinery, Seaway Project

Accurately Project Capital and Operating Costs for Complex Systems: multiple times, e.g., Chemical Plant, Port, Manufacturing Facility Expansions and Hardage Superfund Remediation

Identifying Unknown LIabilities: multiple times, e.g., Duke Power Acquisition of Pan Energy Corporation

Helping our Clients Win at Trial: every time !! for both plaintiffs and defendants

Helping our Clients Settle Cases on Preferred Terms: multiple times, e.g., Sterling  Chemical shareholder claims, Bridgestone Insurance Claims, Mexico Tort Claims, Kinder Morgan Claims

Identifying Causes and Sources of Releases: multiple times, over 100 sites

Accurately Assessing Mineral Reserves: In multiple countries and areas of the US and Canada !!

Accurately Characterizing Complex Geologic and Hydrologic Conditions: Every Time !!

Creating and Demonstrating New Remedial  and Treatment Technologies: multiple times, including what have become known as Sedimentation, Air Sparging, Vapor Extraction, Thermally-Enhanced Removal, Soil Washing, Active Treatment Cut-off Walls, Solidification, Beneficial Reuse, Intrinsic Biodegradation, and Natural Attenuation

Examples of Our Firsts:

First Risk-Based Superfund Remedy Decision

First Superfund Site Returned to Commercial Use

First Geostatic, Stratified Sampling Calibrated, Remote Sensing Program, for the Jasper 72-Square Mile Mining Reclamation Area in United States

Largest Due Diligence Assessment of Oil and Gas Acquisition at the Time, Including      Upstream and Downstream Operations, 32,000 Mile Long Pipeline System, and Multiple Refineries and LNG Facilities in World

First Large City Renewable Energy and Resource Recycling Plan

First Major Privatization of a State-Owned Oil Company in South America

First International Sustainability Assessment

First Refinery Equator Principle Based Acquisition

First and Second Overturn of an EPA Superfund Remedy

First Multi-Aquifer Remedy Successfully Completed

First Non-Calcitrant Site Remediated

First Saline Soil and Ground-Water Site Remediated

First Siberian Due Diligence Project

First Brownfields

First Major, Multicultural and Diverse Integration of Operational and Environmental Systems

Draft of Regulations for First Chinese Environmental Permit Program

Largest International Supply Chain Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Plan