Vision & Values

Our business is successful because of our vision and core values

Our Vision:

We are the environmental consultancy that surprises our clients with our success
We magnetize the best, brightest, most conscientious and most conscious environmental professionals from around the world, and
We are among the very best, most innovative, most exciting, with a reputation for sound and courageous technical and financial performance.

Our Values:

Accountability: We are each personally accountable and jointly responsible for our personal success and our delivery of quality services with our clients.
Caring for our people: We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, looking after our people, their safety, well-being, and development. We also treat each other with respect.
Client focus: We value entrepreneurial spirits, creativity, client-orientated behavior.
Collaboration: We are one people globally: we believe in the principles of partnership, respect for each and every individual and mutual support across the world.
Empowerment: We will help each other realize our potential; we go direct with our requirements.
Transparency: We require the highest level of ethical behavior and personal integrity in all our transactions in accordance with our code of conduct and ethics, which is summarized below:
Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code of Conduct”) provides clear standards for the operation of the Good Practice  Compliance Program, and aids our staff and clients with compliance with policies and procedures appropriate for our activities, this Code of Conduct, and all applicable laws and regulations. We will operate our business in accordance with our Ethical Principles and our Faith in the global truths found in our multi-cultural world.


Ethical Principles

The following ethical principles support our business operations and our respect for all with whom we interact. We will be guided by these Principles as we team with colleagues, clients and the communities in which we do business:

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are each accountable, as an individual and as a team member, for the sustainability of our success. Personal accountability for delivery of quality work to our clients will drive our success now and in the future.

COLLABORATION: We are one organization globally. We believe in the principles of partnership and mutual support across the world.

COMMITMENT: As professionals, we will conduct ourselves with dedicated effort to our principles, to our performance excellence, and to our clients. Our leaders will lead by example, so that all our staff and our clients understand our principles and commitment to excellence are supported by management.

EFFICIENCY: By balancing the value of efficiency with our other values, we maintain and improve our position as the environmental consultancy of choice, worldwide.

EMPOWERMENT: We  support our employees with the tools and training to realize their full potential.

INTEGRITY: We apply our values and ethical principles to our actions and our relationships. By focusing on what we love and our already being successful, we uphold our duty to serve the best interests of our staff and our clients.

RESPECT: By placing a high value on each other and our Earth, we realize good health, safety, personal security, and freedom from discrimination or harassment at work. We support diversity in our workforce and respect for the customs and laws of the many countries where we provide services.

SERVICE: We believe in client and community service. Client service includes a commitment to excellence combined with entrepreneurial, innovative, and client oriented behavior. Community service includes encouraging our people to contribute to the Richard Bost Consultants Foundation, to their local communities and to the world community.

TRANSPARENCY: We understand that effective corporate governance requires timely and accurate communication of information, especially timely and accurate communication to and from our management. All of our staff are expected tol support transparency by providing all appropriate information in a timely manner. We will promptly address concerns that are brought to our attention with an appropriate regard for the rights of individuals. Further, we will not allow retaliation against others who bring legitimate concerns to the attention of our management.